Discovering Rieslings

For those who think Riesling are limited to sweet, syrupy concoctions like Blue Nun – think again.  The Rhinegau region in Hessen is producing amazing dry and sparkling Riesling, many of which are unfortunately not available in the US.  We … Continued

Grüne Soße – Frankfurt Green Sauce

There is a lovely sauce that we have just discovered in Frankfurt that heralds the beginning of spring called Grüne Soße  (or green sauce for those of us whose German is lacking.)  It is very traditional to the Frankfurt area and is … Continued

Meet Me In Saint Petersburg

Meet me in St Pete                  While Saint Petersburg (also known as St. Pete) may not be the first destination that comes to mind when planning a vacation to Florida, it is becoming a … Continued

The Alcaiceria Market – Granada

    Many travelers seek out information about the deeper history behind some of the sites we visit. As a history enthusiast, I FREQUENTLY do just that, (thanks to the Internet research is at our fingertips.). Even the most humble … Continued

The Art of Slow Living

In the hustle and bustle of US life, we often forget the beauty of small town living. Do not dispair, however, because there is an international network of small cities called Cittaslow. Which is open to towns with a population … Continued