Art in Istanbul

Today I treated myself to a day filled with wonderful art and visual delights. I started with a visit to Chora Church which hosts beautiful Byzantium style mosaics and frescos. Naturally, the mosaics and frescos depict themes and recordings from … Continued

Exploring Instanbul’s Palaces

Day 3: Exploring Instanbul’s Palaces June 12 Two places remained on my list of sites to see again during this visit to Istanbul — Topkapi Palace and the Archeological Museum. I had hoped that the long-awaited renovation of the palace … Continued

Markets Around the World

Wherever we are, our first stop is usually a local market, often outdoors (but covered) and along a neighborhood street. Markets around the world each have unique sounds, wares, smells, people and traditions. You know what I mean if you’ve ever … Continued

Peasant Soup That Was Fit For A King

It has been awhile since Ariel and I returned from Turkey, but this shall not prevent us from bringing some of Turkey to our tables. After having received lessons in the kitchen of the Ephesus Boutique Hotel, it was time … Continued

Join Us in Turkey in April

We have a couple of openings remaining for our trip to Istanbul and Ephesus in Turkey in April. The itinerary will be very similar to that of our October culinary tour, with Samantha and Ariel. It will not, of course, … Continued