Gone to Ruins: Prienne, Miletus and Didyma

EPHESUS (Oct. 27) — Today was another chance to visit ancient ruins. After the hotel’s quaint breakfast, Berkan met us for another serious flashback to the past. We first visited Prienne. In its heyday, Prienne was located on the seashore … Continued

Day 3 Filled with Wonders of the World and Great Food

ISTANBUL (Oct. 24) — Day three began with great vigor and ambition as Serkan took us to the Topkapi Palace. However, the lines were a little too long so we revised our plan and ended up going to the Istanbul … Continued

Touring and Feasting in Istanbul: Day 1

ISTANBUL (Oct. 22) — We arrive on a beautiful sunny day, perfect for starting our adventures in this historic city. Serkan, our guide, begins with a quick tour of the Old City of Istanbul. We stroll past the Hagia Sophia, … Continued