Barcelona- Food Markets, Tastes and Sights

Barcelona – Food Markets, Tastes & Sights


The Mercat de las Boqueria is an amazing outdoor food market (actually under a tin roof) in the very middle of Barcelona along the famous Las Rambla

The fruits, meats and vegetables are amazingly colorful and beautifully displayed (Barcelona is generally dripping with artistic expression where ever you look).  Here are some lovely mushrooms – who would have thought mushrooms could be artistically displayed?


But the most memorable stalls are the fish market shops.  Every fish, crustacean and sea creature imaginable!


Not only can you shop for every delicacy imaginable, but there are wonderful countertop restaurants for memorable breakfasts and lunches.  All affordable, in the most affable environment.  QUIM is great for breakfast.  Pinoxto’s is the place for a quick and delicious seafood lunch.  The marketplace is a MUST for everyone visiting Barcelona.

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