Sun, Sea and History

Sun, Sea and History Today was a perfect day along the Costa Brava in Spain where our merry band of Epicurean Travelers visited the charming Medieval town of Pals that is a labyrinth of cobble streets lined by original 13th … Continued

Meet Me In Saint Petersburg

Meet me in St Pete                  While Saint Petersburg (also known as St. Pete) may not be the first destination that comes to mind when planning a vacation to Florida, it is becoming a … Continued

Join Us in Turkey in April

We have a couple of openings remaining for our trip to Istanbul and Ephesus in Turkey in April. The itinerary will be very similar to that of our October culinary tour, with Samantha and Ariel. It will not, of course, … Continued

Farewell and Tesekkür to Turkey, But We’ll Be Back

ISTANBUL (Oct. 31) — Our day began with settling our affairs for the flight home. After checking in and making sure we were confirmed for our trip, we grabbed some coffee and decided to explore Dolmabahçe Palace. The palace grounds … Continued

Istanbul from Above, and Some Tastes We’ll Miss

ISTANBUL (Oct. 30) — We woke up to a beautiful sunny day filled with endless possibilities. Over the hotel’s breakfast, we discussed our options for how to spend our day and where to please our stomachs. We transferred hotels from … Continued