Meet Me In Saint Petersburg

Meet me in St Pete

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While Saint Petersburg (also known as St. Pete) may not be the first destination that comes to mind when planning a vacation to Florida, it is becoming a popular choice for those seeking an ideal long weekend getaway. With a great selection of restaurants, cultural attractions, beautiful waterfront views, a quaint and scenic downtown, and easy access to beaches and Tampa’s airport; it is no wonder that St. Pete is the place to go! Whether traveling with a group of friends or family, solo, or aiming for a romantic escape for two, this trendy city has something for everyone.

I have had the pleasure of becoming rather well acquainted with St. Pete, and I am always excited to return. I have many fond memories of walking alongside the waterfront surrounded by charming shops, restaurants and banyan trees. I have been delighted by culinary treats such as the brilliant fusion of Mediterranean and German cuisine (believe me, kababs with sauerkraut are a thing of beauty). I have visited some of their great attractions such as the Museum of Fine Arts (I still have the Chihuly and Dali Museums on my list). I frequently find myself happening upon activities such as farmers markets and a sidewalk chalk art competition. I also have some more personal memories from my visits to St Pete. I enjoyed many wonderful family meals at their restaurants, watched my nephew pose alongside some of the sculptures displayed throughout the downtown, was treated by my cousin to a Grace Potter and the Nocturnals concert in a comfortable outdoor venue, and the lovely waterfront was the location of choice for both my aunt’s and cousin’s weddings. It may sound as if most of my attachment to St. Pete is purely sentimental, which is not entirely untrue. However, it is the fact that St Pete is such a perfect setting for these events and memories that makes it such a special city. I really could not picture them happening anywhere else. And after all, aren’t memories the best part of traveling?

Who knows, perhaps St. Pete could be the ideal place for your next special memory.

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