Instanbul Seafood — The Octopus Is To Die For

Recently I was one of the lucky ones to participate on an Epicurean Travel tour and enjoy beautiful wares and incredible Instanbul seafood. After our two-stage trip from Tampa, Fla. to Istanbul (there are no direct flights from Tampa) we … Continued

Turkish Culture: It’s The People

Besides the culinary culture and wonders new and ancient, some of our fondest memories of Turkey and Turkish culture will always be … just hanging out with the people we met there. What I like best about Turkey are the … Continued

Shopping With the Master in Söke and Kusadasi

KUSADASI — Our culinary adventure began with an early morning visit to the market in the town of Söke.  Markets are held in different towns on different days and the Söke market, held on Wednesday, is very large.  Upon approaching … Continued

A ‘Little’ Taste Of Things To Come: Welcome to Turkey

Well world, ready or not, here we come. After exploring Turkey’s culture and flavors on or own, it is time to share these wonders with others. Epicurean Travel launched our first tour on the night of April 21st! After my … Continued