The View from our Casa in Lake Atitlan

The view from our Casa in Lake Atitlan in Guatemala is constant but ever-changing based on the light and time of day.  The landscape is calming yet awe inspiring.  The lake was created 65,000 years ago when a massive eruption caused the earth’s surface to collapse and fill with water.  Today, Lake Atitlan is surrounded by dormant and dead volcanoes.

lake atitlan

As the sun rises, the largest volcanoes, Volcan Atitlan and Volcan Toliman catch the early beams.  As the day progresses clouds form and dissipate to keep the landscape interesting.

IMG_2372 IMG_20141208_145045


As the sun begins to set, the colors are fabulous and the cloud formations make one think that the sleeping giants are emitting streams of steam, but no, these are just crowns of clouds in the skies above.

IMG_20141208_172900 IMG_20141208_173545

At night, the outline of the volcanoes can vaguely be seen against the darkening sky.


You need to sit on our patio to really appreciate the clean air, beauty of the lake and lure of the scenery.

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  1. Claudio

    Nice sky, water, colors! I envy you, here in gray ol’ Germany!!!

    • marla

      You can get away from the gray and bask in the warm sunshine and smiles of the folks in Guatemala! Bring some friends and travel with us at Epicurean Travel.


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