Kofte in Istanbul

Day 1: Delicious Kofte in Istanbul, Turkey

June 9

Hello again, live from Istanbul! After about a year, it was time return to a city with which we have grown greatly attached. After dropping everything off at the hotel, I knew exactly what was first on my list of “musts”…eating köfte. Slightly tired and jet lagged, I dragged myself to a köfte restaurant much loved by locals and visitors alike, in Sultanahmet. Once again, I savored the fantastic juiciness of the meat. This was a dish that I was craving before my return, and this is coming from someone who does not often eat red meat. On this occasion, it was time to give into my inner carnivore. To perfectly accompany the köfte, a side of marinated white beans was another “necessity”. Our lunch was completed by an order of halva with pine nuts.


This provided us with the needed sustenance to wander around Sultanahmet for the remainder of the evening. Sultanahmet, located in the old city, is home to many of Istanbul’s cultural highlights. Tourists from everywhere walk side-by-side with locals to personally experience these amazing sites. I observed with delight, that the broadcasted protests and government activities are not present and have not deterred visitors from visiting Istanbul. As I made my way down the streets, it still felt like the Istanbul that I first experienced three years ago.


Even though I have already visited and passed many of Istanbul’s historic sites, they continued to allure me. I felt myself being beckoned to re-explore these cultural and historic gems. Who knows what I will learn or uncover the third time around? However, that will have to wait for tomorrow, as a solid night’s sleep is in order. Oh, the places I will go…oh, the sites (new and familiar) I will see…oh the delicacies to savor…hello, again, Istanbul.



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